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Homeschooling ABCs

Homeschooling ABCs – Homeschooling Help from A to Z (currently unavailable)

This course is primarily for beginning homeschool parents, but seasoned homeschooling families will benefit as well. In fact, our class members have told us that this should be a “must take” class for all homeschool families! If you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated or discouraged, join us for a great time of encouragement, focus and direction.

Upper Level Homeschool

Upper Level Homeschool (currently unavailable)

A course specifically for homeschooling parents of middle and high school students. Do you feel prepared? Are you Overwhelmed? Don’t let self-doubt, or lack of knowledge, rob you and your teen of these very exciting years! All you need are a few basic how-to’s and your high schooler can be well on his way to academic success & a very bright future.

8 Steps to a Profitable Online Business

8 Steps to a Profitable Online Business (currently unavailable)

Learn how this average stay-at-home, homeschooling mom (with the support of her equally non-techie husband) has built five (5) money-making websites that provide a comfortable full-time income for their family without any knowledge of HTML or other techie stuff.

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