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A Child's Geography: Explore Medieval Kingdoms

Volume 4: Explore Medieval Kingdoms by Terri Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-932786-54-5

Grade Level: 1-8 grades

Page Count: 240 softcover book + downloadable extras

Price: $39.95


Now you can travel to far-off lands with your children as the long-awaited volume 4 is here!

While this series is primarily geared toward 1-6 graders, this volume works well with middle school students too.

In the lively style introduced to us by Ann Voskamp, A Child’s Geography: Explore Medieval Kingdoms will take you and your fledgling geographers on an amazing adventure through our Father’s world.

Imagine walking in the footsteps of great leaders and influencers of the medieval world… Charlemagne, Ferdinand and Isabella, Joan of Arc, Johannes Gutenberg, Martin Luther… Read their stories and live the adventure of sending explorers out into uncharted seas, the excitement of inventing the printing press, and the anxiety of starting a religious firestorm. As we explore Medieval Kingdoms, you and your family will delight in breathtaking landscapes, hidden wonders, and beautiful people – all created in God’s image.

We would love to give you the first 3 chapters to read and try for yourself!

Stunning! ~ Ann Voskamp

This is a complete, stand-alone Geography and History Curriculum that covers the geography of Western Europe and medieval history. 

Over the course of 15 chapters, explore 12 countries of Western Europe – Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands – through:

~the engaging text and vivid full-color photos of a “living book”
~narration prompts to cement learning and understanding
~notebooking, timeline and mapping activities for context
~helpful pronunciations and full definitions in glossary
~activities that focus on art, music, poetry and the delicious food of each country
~optional prayer walk for each country
~240 page full color softcover book
~bonus content available to download

Do you and your children desire to catch a passion for God and all His peoples around this glorious globe?

Come. Let’s go into all the world.

What you need to know:

  • This book is sure to delight ages 4 to 104, but is written primarily for grammar age explorers (gr 1-6)
  • 240 pages packed with delightful information
  • Softcover book + download link for reproducibles – price $39.95
  • Ebook (identical to print book with downloadable reproducibles) – price $29.95
  • Both printed book and ebook include reproducibles in the form of timeline pages, maps, lesson plans, recipes, additional reading, activities, and more.


My eleven-year-old daughter and I were delighted to read through A Child’s Geography: Medieval Kingdoms. We both learned so very much! Reading this book really ignites the imagination and helps you feel like you are THERE, walking through the streets of the country being studied, tasting the local foods, and meeting new friends. My daughter was so interested in what we were reading that she begged to finish the book in one day! I am a trained classroom teacher that has been homeschooling for the past 18 years, and I would definitely place the Child’s Geography books up there with the very best resources—ones you and your child will return to over and over again. – Susan

This was my first time reading any books in the A Child’s Geography series and it will now be our new curriculum for geography as well as history. Beautifully written. The story pulls you in and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the places, sights, sounds, and scents of our world. The photographs are wonderful; beautiful, bright, and full of color. The book title says geography, but it is so much more. There is history and not boring textbook history either. It’s edge of your seat history that you, as well as your children, will enjoy. I have learned so much and I am excited to get the whole collection to begin our journey around the world! – Stephanie

A Child’s Geography: Explore Medieval Kingdoms is so vivid; it is the next best thing to being there! What a wonderful way to experience geography! Cuddle on the sofa with children at your feet traveling to foreign lands and times gone by. – Cindy

I absolutely LOVE it! The style of writing is so exciting, and really gives life to history…not just a stack of facts and dates. – Marilyn

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Would you prefer the ebook? Receive everything in the book with reproducible extras as a digital download and save 25%.

Price: $29.95


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